About Us

At 3 Inc Creative, we don’t start with “what.”. We start with “who.” As in WHO are you, WHO is your company, WHO do you want to reach. Then we move to “what.” Because without the who, what you have to say is just not relevant.

So who are WE? We are a team of people – very creative people. People who are curious about everything. And that’s important because our broad interests and experiences lead to better solutions for our clients.

WE are in tune with our clients. We learn their businesses. We dig deep and ask relevant questions – so we can find the best answers.

WE are led by Patrick Incorvaia – himself a very creative person. A person with vision and determination, who isn’t satisfied with the usual. A person who believes in the power of communication – in whatever form it needs to take.

So WHAT does that make us? Smart. Informed. Tireless. Determined. And that makes us invaluable to our clients.